Why All Anxiety Is The Same


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Whether it’s OCD, Pure O, Post traumatic stress disorder, sexual anxiety, eco anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety,  phobias, general anxiety disorder etc., fear is a very physical reaction to something scary that you have seen, heard or thought. You may have seen a car driving up on the pavement next to you. That would cause anybody to be frightened. “Oh my God is it going I hit me? I better run as fast as I can the opposite direction.” You may hear a scream from someone close by. That would trigger fear – what the hell was that? What’s going on? 

If that car is mounting the pavement, you just react - you don’t think about it. In fact, you have no control over how you react. Just like when you’ve got a tummy ache, you don’t have the control to fix it. Yes, you can take medication and hope that fixes the problem but you are not fixing the reason...

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How Anxiety Controls You


Here is another excerpt from my Anxiety Tool Kit video course, where we look at how anxiety controls your life: 

When you’re very anxious, It’s impossible to be rational because the brain is in survival mode and it’s not able to receive or process rational explanations. At the same time it’s important to understand how anxiety is controlling you because it will help you stop beating yourself up for not being able to easily overcome it. 

You’ve signed up to this program because you want to overcome anxiety, but the anxiety is stopping you from grasping how this program works.  So, I’m going to be your rational brain and give you just enough information to help you see why you need to do what I ask you to do. 

So, imagine you are driving the car down the road and a cat runs out. Immediately the fear spikes and then the brain follows up by assessing the critical risk. In a split second it thinks: can I slam the brakes on in time?...

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What is Anxiety?

what is anxiety Sep 18, 2020

It’s super important to understand how anxiety starts. And unsurprisingly, it all starts with fear, fear of something you’ve seen heard or thought. Something stressful or scary.

The fear kick-starts a reaction and that fear is always fear of the unknown - whether it’s real or imagined.

The brain listens to our fear and when we indicate we feel stressed or frightened it knows we need help. 

This is a normal response by a normal, and healthy, brain. It is the brain’s job to keep us alive. By jolting us into action, it’s fulfilling its role. 

Consequently, it will kick-start the adrenals, which shoot out a hormone called cortisol. 

This cortisol acts as a super charger, giving us extra strength for either fighting or fleeing. It can make us see better, respond faster, hear better and become more aware of everything around us so we don’t miss anything that could be a threat.


Fight or Flight

It’s called the “fight or...

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Is there a way to control anxiety?

first steps Sep 08, 2020

Is there a way to control anxiety?

The first step in controlling your anxiety is acceptance

I suffered with anxiety for 8 years straight. I worried about everything, it was a difficult to go to work, socialise, not panic about my health, the environment, my kids and money.  Anxiety was controlling every aspect of my daily life.

I fought for years with the worry, fantasising about one day I’d be some kind of terminator that felt no emotion, fear or anxiety. I was always wobbly, and the fear never really went away. I was in a constant state of confusion and mind fog but hoping for the day that I’d be confident, be able to keep a conversation and would set my life up so that I had few things to worry about.

Sometimes I thought there would come a time when I finally felt immune from anxiety and worry. But I was living a fantasy because if I didn’t change my outlook, how was anything else going to change?

Fast forward to now and nothing outside of myself has...

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