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The Anxiety First Aid Kit is in two parts. Firstly, emergency care For Anxiety - a one page set of instructions for when anxiety is sky high or you’re having an anxiety attack.

Secondly, five worksheets to build resilience for when your anxiety is stable.

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The Anxiety First Aid Kit

Hi, Let Me Help You.

I'm Alexandra and I've been where you are. I'm best known as an author of books on mental health and well-being - books I've written from a deep, first-hand knowledge of the problems.

I've experienced the crippling effects of anxiety and panic attacks. I also know how great it feels to escape, to break free and reclaim your life.

Your first step is to learn to deal with the anxiety attacks as they happen. The Anxiety First Aid Kit is a free tool to help you cope with your next panic attack.

Come on a journey with me to a better place. I'll help you.

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